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In 2017 I retired and moved to beautiful Mérida, Yucatán. Living here has been a feast of new experiences.

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Mérida is truly one of México's cultural capitals, with first rate symphony, chamber music, and visual arts. In spite of retirement, I still write music, and play with local chamber music groups, most notably with Barroca Escarlata and Musica Antigua Mérida, which presents performances of early music using historically informed performance techniques and instruments.

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We also love to travel, making new friends, and discovering more about México and the world.

You will find posts about our trips below. Consider taking a trip with Marina Aguirre  - it will open your eyes.

Having taught at various universities in Indiana, Louisiana and Florida, and played and directed music at large churches, including the famous Old Mission in Santa Barbara, it's nice to relax - to teach and play only for the joy of it.

And I love the community here at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, where I volunteer - it is the most welcoming and diverse congregation in the city. They make a difference in the world. Check them out!

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Mexico International Realty

Our agent, Leroy Osmon, did a great job finding us the perfect house.


Merida seats
Bandshell Park of the Americas
Aleman Park
Chichen Caracol


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